Ron Lambert,Cost Reporter

We are located in the Stafford Opera House.  It was constructed in 1886 and is located on the square in Columbus, Texas--halfway between Houston and San Antonio. 

We work in this picturesque little town because it's a nice place to work and the people are real friendly.  We are flexible in our choice of location because most of the work is done by email, fax, telephone, or overnight delivery.



That's not to say we wouldn't appreciate a little company.  So, if you are ever in the area, stop in and say "Hi."  We are located on the ground floor just down the hall from the Chamber of Commerce offices.

Our Mission Statement:

We are committed to becoming the premier cost report preparation firm.  We are dedicated to offering extra value in our product through competitive pricing, friendly service, and finishing the work in a timely manner complete with every schedule and form filled out exactly as CMS and your fiscal intermediary require.