For an inclusive all-in-one price we provide the following services:
  • A full and complete cost report prepared exactly as required
  • A separately bound file copy
  • All supporting schedules and documentation
  • Friendly and courteous help
  • Telephone support when the cost report is chosen for desk review or field audit
  • Supplying of any work papers requested by an auditor
  • All postage, copying, and overnight courier fees

Most other preparers consider everything, other than the preparation of the actual cost report and a file copy, as separate services.  They bill for them individually and are in addition to your originally quoted price.  These hidden costs can run up a comparatively cheap quote and turn it into something exorbitant.  Be sure when you are comparing prices you are comparing apples to apples.
If you want, you can pay by credit card.  

We even offer a payment plan.

Now what could be easier that that?